Just in: Jonas Kaufmann gets married

The tenor has married his partner Christiane Lutz, 38, who is expecting their child.

Kaufmann, 49, has three children by a previous 15-year marriage to the soprano Margarete Joswig.

The wedding took place in their home town, Munich.

See the official photograph here.


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  • “Kaufmann” means “merchant” in German, and Mr. Jonas is a precious ware for gossip merchants, indeed! 🙂

    • All the downthumbers should ask themselves for 4’33” – what would Slipped Disc be without gossip about Mr. Merchant? 🙂

      • All the other interesting comments were removed; a salient symbol of this blog altogether!! Remove anything remotely interesting or controversial and concentrate on gossip. For example, “Carlos Kleiber not a great conductor”. That sort of thing.

        • I fail to see how a publicly posted photo of a celebrated tenor’s wedding consists of gossip. For a wonderful singer who has given us joy, and who responds with grace and warmth to his fans, does this not give us an opportunity to wish him joy in return?

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