Carnegie Hall chief to chair Tchaikovsky cello competition

Valery Gergiev has named Sir Clive Gillinson, his former boss at the London Symphony Orchestra, as chairman of the cello jury at this summer’s contest.

Others on the jury are Karine Georgian, Ralph Kirshbaum, Jan Vogler and Sergei Roldugin.



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    • Roldugin also performed with Gergiev at the Russian propaganda concert in Syria a couple years ago, and is a godfather to Putin’s daughter. He was named in the Panama Papers for being the caretaker of Putin’s wealth.

      • Mr Gillinson arranged and negotiated Gergiev’s move to LSO then left to go to Carnegie Hall and was later knighted. He was never Gergiev’s boss. That would be Katherine McDowell.

        • No. Gergiev’s boss would have been the LSO players who were the then serving Board Members – it is a player run orchestra, which many forget, with Ms McDowell also hired by the members.

          • I had the impression that the LSO rapidly tired of Gergiev and were rather happy to bring the relationship to an end. Afterall, he only gave three concerts at the Barbican in his final year at the LSO, which is…extraordinary.

  • According to CNN, it is probably another case of connections between Moscow and The White House. Hilary is already requesting a investigation. (It doesn’t mean Hahn).

    • Hilary isn’t president nor does she have any authority over an investigation. I know you’re obsessed with her, but give it up.

      34 people have been charged from Mueller’s investigation though.

      • It is obviously not even true nor a CNN news, but a joke. Hilary was the first name that came to my mind along a well know musician. Actually, the funny is how obsessed are some people to understimate sarcarsm.

  • Jury, Cello
    Sir Clive Gillinson (Chair)
    Karine Georgian
    Ralph Kirschbaum
    Daniel MĂĽller-Schott
    Sergei Roldugin
    Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi
    István Várdai
    Jan Vogler
    Jian Wang

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