What Anna Netrebko wears to walk in Times Square

From her Instagram account.

Just one purchase short of a full shell suit?

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  • 1. That outfit in no way resembles a shell suit (I lived in the UK in the 80s, so can give that opinion on good authority).

    2. She looks great, because although the outfit is a bit wacky, she’s a very beautiful woman who can afford very nice clothes.

    3. Who cares what she wears anyway?

    4. She is fantastic in the Met’s current production of Adriana Lecouvreur.

    • I concur, this is NOT a shell suit. The whole production of Adriana was magnificent, save for ballet and a small intermission pantomime. Netrebko sang very well as did all the other principals. Finally, a performance worthy of the Met.
      Her clothes are not to my taste but I prefer to see her on stage in costume. What she wears during her spare time is neither anyone ‘s business or newsworthy.

  • Apparently the Met have just been casting the role of Adina Monsoon in AbFab the Opera. La Trebs is playing Eddy opposite Gheorghiu’s Patsy Stone. 😉

  • As far as she is a diva so her outfit can be called “bombshell suit” 😉 …. Person who can afford to wear what she/he wants is a lucky one – and she doesn’t need to put a Chopard necklace on, there are a lot of shiny items on her in this picture – much shine to look at so-to-speak 😉

  • It’s not unusual at all to see folks dress like this in Manhattan. Hell, I’ve seen people show up to performances at the Met dressed like that.

  • From her own instagram… lol
    Before you seek attention learn to sing better , not be a racist and not support an oligarch.

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