How to carry a double-bass as hand luggage

Apparently there’s a model that breaks down into segments and can be packed into a portable case.

Read more here.

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  • Tribonian says:

    Not just double basses – David van Edwards makes a folding theorbo!

  • Ben G. says:

    The price? : roughly 3500$ or 3000€. Not really expensive in comparison to a full sized 3/4 Double Bass. However, when considering the fact that it is designed for bassists who travel, the air fares alone will increase its initial selling price in the long run. No doubt a great idea for our changing times, even though it can never replace the original parent instrument.

  • Bruce says:

    …And gate agents will still refuse it, with or without reasons.

  • A similar concept for cello has been around for years, called the “prakticello,” although the maker retired recently.

  • graeme gee says:

    In the Grassi museum in Leipzig there’s a travelling piano. Travelling in the sense you fold it up into a suitcase, like those picnic- table-with-chairs that you could buy last century. That certainly took some imagination.

  • william osborne says:

    There’s also a carbon fiber, telescoping alp horn.

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