Stolen London violin is recovered in Paris

Daniel Chandler lost his violin in a Christmas house theft in Hampstead last year.

Engraved with the maker’s name, Chris Johnson of Loughborough, it was registered on the call-list of stolen instrument but Daniel had little hope of seeing it again.

Then he got an email from Paris. Sandrine, from Pierre Berthel’s music shop in the Rue de Rome, said a man had tried to sell her a Johnson violin. She went off to check the list of stolen instruments. Police were called and he was arrested.

Daniel, 32, will be getting back to practise over Christmas.

Read more in the Ham & High.

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    • American English spell check. For once they take the sensible option and use ‘c” for verb and noun.
      Glad he got his violin back too!

    • Indeed. The verb wants an “s.” But the noun, as here, needs the “c.”

      This is not America. After all, they spell “defence”and “offence” with an “s” as well.

  • In my dozy post lunch state I think I got it the wrong way round. They use ‘s’ for both. Back to sleep; soon be Christmas!

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