New singers’ agency offers fitness and styling consultants

New singers’ agency offers fitness and styling consultants


norman lebrecht

December 17, 2018

Adam Cavagnaro’s Promethean Artists Agency, which launched today, is offering clients the services of a specialist fitness trainer and a styling consultant.

So everyone turns up at the Met looking like this.

Here’s the pitch:




  • AMetFan says:

    About time. While there are extremes, one component of a young artist program (listen, Met) should be fitness and comportment. If you mention this to anyone involved with the YADP program at the Met, it would be as if you were the anti-Christ. HELP these young people enter a workforce with all of the career skills they need. A God-given voice or a good technique will only take you so far. You need to present yourself for an extremely public job and sustain, hopefully, your career for the entirety of your working life. I’m not talking weight-loss at all, simply a healthy lifestyle. Will no one have the conversation?

    • Schwalde Hochkust says:

      I hope 4chan will troll this plastic agency into eternity :-DDD

    • OperaPulse says:

      Actually, the MET has had a physical fitness trainer on staff for over a decade already. It’s an important part of the curriculum for the LYDAPs. Not everyone has the willpower to do something about it however.

    • Chris says:

      I cannot vouch for singers, but having been a professional violinist for around 35 years, I remember the leader of an eminent string quartet giving me a sound piece of advice when I was about 15. We were on a summer school and one afternoon, he asked me what I was going to do, music-wise after leaving school. So I told him I was keen to go to college and eventually land a job in an orchestra. His advice to me was (the very words I remember so well, ) “You need to be as fit as a rugby player”. I DID play rugby for a while, mainly as a student, but also for a couple of years into my first orchestral job. I then started refereeing, and also did some distance running, half and full marathons, as well as numerous shorter distances. I believe it paid off.

  • Una says:

    It will be plastic surgery next! All that should be done a music college not with an agency whose job is to get out there and find work – and not necessarily for singers who will all be stars but for the rest. Certainly that’s what my agent did for me. At the moment, the middle level is not being represented. Lots of ‘work’ for those who get either £5,000 a concert and £50.