Jobs you might want to apply for

Jobs you might want to apply for


norman lebrecht

December 17, 2018

Glyndebourn need a chorusmaster.

The last one departed abruptly and without a word of explanation. Apply here.

The Singapore Symphony is looking for a concertmaster. They want to hear from you before mid-Feb 2019 here.

The Royal Albert Hall is after a Head of Programming. You have two weeks to apply.  

The Boston Symphony needs someone to run its Tanglewood Learning Institute. Try here.

Only the best jobs appear on Slipped Disc.

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  • Mark Hildrew says:

    Anybody have any idea what the salary range might be for ‘Royal Albert Hall – Head of Programming’ ?

    Couldn’t see one given

  • drummerman says:

    The Tanglewood job would be the #2 position, not to “run” the Institute as Norman suggests.

  • Jaime Herrera says:

    I predict 30 applicants for the Singapore job – 31 if I were good enough….