Last Elbphilharmonie apartment sells for … 11 million Euros

Just under two years since the opening of Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, the last of its 45 apartments has been sold.

It measures 287 sq. m. and fetched 11.07 million euros.

And that’s without concert tickets and service charges.


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  • My fly on the wall told me that the drains get stuck every 3 days and that the appartments are quite noisy with too thin walls, so that you can hear much of what is being played in the concert hall.

    • Staying @ the Westin Hotel within the “Elphie” two summer ago, we found our room to be well-appointed and noise-free. Unfortunately, since there were no concerts scheduled we weren’t able to tour hall itself.

  • I visited earlier this year and it is a mighty impressive project. My main objection is that not only are the units in it outrageously expensive but the project has contributed to the predictable gentrification, sterility and cold anonymity afflicting areas in cities all over. Could not attend any performances at its equally impressive concert hall, however, but at least took a look inside it.

    • Not like the ‘gentrification, sterility and cold anonymity’ of political correctness, self-righteous finger wagging, censorship and safe spaces, aye.

      I’d have an apartment there in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Good luck to those who can!!

    • One should be very careful when visiting the building. Because of some mistake in the planning, there appears to be one mysterious door which opens to the Elbe some 60 meters above the water level and an elderly Bavarian woman fell down into the river when searching for the ‘Ladies’.

  • That’s almost 40000 EUR per sqm, which is an absolutely crazy price. How many parking spaces were included? The purchaser would have additionally paid up to 12% or more in transaction charges (government stamp duty, conveyancing fees, real estate agent’s commission…). Then there are the fixed recurring costs: HOA fees, utilities, insurance, property taxes, maintenance, repairs. Who has that kind of money in Germany–a foreign cash purchaser?

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