Breaking: Now Yoncheva pulls out of Met’s sick Otello

We reported earlier that the tenor Stuart Skelton was out of today’s general rehearsal. He was replaced by standby Carl Tanner.

But minutes before the general got going, it became clear that Sonya Yoncheva wasn’t feeling great.

Her substitute was the American Julianna Di Giacomo.


The principals have three days to recover for opening night on the 14th.

This is looking like a sickbed Otello.



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  • Singers get sick, and never more in this day and age cancelling than in ‘the good old days’ for being trolled like race horses over the internet by bunches of armchair amateur non-singers. A rather sobering fact that neither they nor any singer or anyone is dispensable in life. Always someone there to take your place. Otello will be great regardless.

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