An English music teacher is up for $1 million world prize

An English music teacher is up for $1 million world prize


norman lebrecht

December 13, 2018

From the Guardian:

A music teacher who helped turn around a once-failing primary school in Bradford with a radical programme of music and creative education is one of three teachers from England shortlisted for a $1m global prize….

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  • Tony Britten says:

    Of course the crucial part of this much needed good news story is the fact that since music was introduced in this manner, the school has gone from being in special measures to the top 10% in the country for reading, writing and maths. If any politicians could be bothered to read these stories the penny might finally drop – there is no down side to music and arts tuition being made available to ALL children.

    • Antonia says:

      And to being established as a standard academic class meeting every day just as with maths, language arts, sciences, and social studies.

      Bravo to this creative and courageous teacher for showing us the way and proving it to the world!

  • Peter says:

    More radicalisation in Bradford .