Who wants to be Flicka’s pet?

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music has added mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade and soprano Marnie Breckenridge to its faculty.

Good catches.

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  • I’m not sure what the word “pet” means in this context.
    Might someone enlighten me?
    Perhaps it’s a British usage….
    BTW, I have met Ms. von Stade and she is a delightful person.

    • I think he’s trying to make a play on the expression “teacher’s pet.”

      But it conjures up a delightful image of Ms. von Stade in a black leather catsuit, leading some male “student” around on a leash.

    • When she came and sang with my orchestra years & years ago, she gave a master class that was phenomenal. I have no trouble believing she’d make a wonderful teacher.

      And yes, she’s a lovely person to work with and talk to.

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