Hvorostovsky gets a bust in Moscow

The Helikon Opera Theatre will commemorate the much-lamented baritone singer with a bust in its lobby, placed on November 21, the first anniversary of his death.


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  • Beautiful gesture… the premature death of this wonderful singer is one of the greatest losses to the art form.

    • I don’t know if Mr. Borstlap heard the baritone at his debut in the Concertgebouw in 1989. Amazingly beautiful with silver in the voice and rich overtones. A few years later the instrument was wonderful too at La Favorita in De Munt in Brussels but I missed that magnificent sheen of a youthful voice in its first bloom.

      • I’ve heard quite some recordings and every one was stunningly beautiful and with assured musical integrity, even when he sang rather, let us say, mediocre music – he cleansed it from any vulgar association and in the same time, demonstated seemingly spontaneous musicianship. Such singers are in the literal sense unforgettable. That fate takes away such people instead of [redacted] or [redacted] or, especially, [redacted], is a reason to reread Schopenhauer.

      • I was there!
        More: I’ve met the singer the very day at the music shop I worked then. He spoke only Russian, the language I know well. We talked a lot. The he invited me to the concert. Well… Iwas already a fan, but after that….
        He was, is unforgettable

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