Salzburg nails Kosky for Offenbach

Booking opens tonight for the 2019 Salzburg summer festival and the big cats have been let out of the bag.

The Australian Barrie Kosky, who spent last summer at Bayreuth, will direct Offenbach’s Orphée aux Enfers. Peter Sellars (who has never been booked at Bayreuth) will do Mozart’s Idomeneo.

Achim Freyer – and this is seriously exciting – will direct George Enescu’s Oedipe. And Simon Stone will be in charge of Cherubini’s Médée.


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  • They knew putting back the announcement. First it was t be 11 a.m. then 4 p.m. Now the website says 7 p.m. Methinks their tech people have a bit of a problem on their hands!!

    • About the first operetta _ever_ in Salzburg? Hans Neuenfels directed “Die Fledermaus” in the Felsenreitschule in 2001. Big scandal. But it was just very bad directed, no fun, no pun, not timing. Just attended “Hello Dolly” in Chicago’s Oriental. Old-school, but top quality.

  • Why all this jumping up and down about directors?
    Opera is and always has been about music.
    So where is the big news about the conductors, the singers, I ask you? That‘s all I want to know!!

    • But there are some directors to avoid at all costs. It’s sometimes better to know this before getting too excited about singers, conductors and orchestra

      • I can remember the days (decades ago) when Sellars was the young enfant terrible. I’m now little more than a curmudgeonly old reactionary. Wonder what that makes Sellars?

  • Major cock up. They are revamping the website and clearly having trouble with it. Still no announcements or possibility of booking and now gone 9 p.m. CET. What is happening?

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