Where’s Dude?

Conducting the Berlin Phil in Taiwan.

They are inaugurating the National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts, its first international visitors.


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  • He also just conducted the orchestra in Bangkok with the most outrageous ticket prices. With most priced at $600, $450 and $300 it was hardly surprising the hall was filled with lots of students on freebies from the campus where the hall is based. At $600 it would have been almost cheaper to fly to Taipei or Kaohsiung for a couple of nights to hear the Berlin Phiharmonie there!

    • Yes! same for other visiting orchestras. Scandalous pricing!the Hall management either trying to make a quick profit and/or these orchestras demand so much to come to Bangkok! It was advertised as “sold out “ but if you look at photos during concert you’ll see many empty seats !

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