Maestro move: Chudovsky gets a chob

Konstantin Chudovsky, principal conductor of the Teatro Municipal de Santiago de Chile, has been named chief conductor at the Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre in his home country.

He’s with IMG Artists.

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  • How much presence will that new position require? Could be tricky to combine the two as he’s very present in Santiago.

    • He does not live in Chile. He lives in Vienna. It shouldn’t a problem because during the summer in Chile he can be in the winter season in Russia.

        • They have a very good resident conductor, Pedro Pablo Prudencio, who rehearse for Chudovsky a lot, not to mention Prudencio does the job better. The production of Berg’s Lulu with Prudencio this year was a great success.

  • Chudovsky left Chile in early 2019. Personally, I will miss him. His conduction of Russian Operas and, Schostakovich made me love even more Russian music. I wish him the best in his home country.

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