Maestro move 2: Larry leaps to Linda

Linda Marks at HarrisonParrott has lured the veteran US conductor Lawrence Foster away from the Opus3 enclosure.

Larry is music director at Opéra Marseille and incoming chief of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. That’s a bustling career at 77 years old.


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  • I think it’s a great loss for the Marseille Opera. The Don Carlo he conducted last year in Marseille was absolutely fabulous.

  • Well the Polish orchestras are great and getting a conductor like Lawrence Forster is certainly a plus for everyone. I attended many of his excellent performance at the Gulbenkian in Lisbon, always exciting and with interesting repertoire (and let’s not forget the Enescu of which he championed with Monte-Carlo…).

  • To this day — nearly 50 years later — I recall his Los Angeles Philharmonic debut, a fine concert which he conducted to perfection:

    Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem
    Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 9 (Misha Dichter)
    Tchaikovsky: Orchestral Suite No. 3

    So glad to know that he is still actively making music and giving pleasure to so many.

    • He made a strong contribution to Enescu’s symphonies, aswell as the opera Oedipe, wich he did in Berlin in the late 90’s, among other places.
      It illuminates a special side and depth of him, being of romanian descent.

  • In 1973 I was a member of the Halle Orchestra. We were in Sheffield with Larry. At the end of the rehearsal he asked if anyone was going to London after the show and could give him a lift. I said I was and could . ” what sort of car do you have?” He said. As a youngster I was very proud of my Triumph Herald Convertible. Larry said ” can I go and look at it?” I showed him the car parked outside. “It’s OK,” he said ” I’ll take the train” Ha Ha. I reminded him of that several years later and he had the grace to look sheepish!!

  • With a career firmly based in Europe, surely it makes much more sense for any musician to have a European-based agency?

  • the most overrated dilletant ever. and very mean to Young Composers he doesn’t want to perform. kicked out many. connection-carreer.

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