Germany’s Green Party acquires a piano star

The outstanding international pianist Igor Levit is appearing this weekend at the national convention of the Green Party in Leipzig.

He says: ‘Migration and integration are the most important issues for me, and I know what I’m talking about, because my parents came here with my sister and me, to rebuild their lives from scratch. Germany is my country, and that’s why I feel a fundamental obligation to open my mouth and take a stand.’

The Greens are selecting candidates for next year’s election.

Might Levit, 31, be one of them?

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  • So, for this pianist coming from Russia and a classical music background is the same, for the purposes of ‘integration’, as coming from South Sudan. Ooookay. He’s a Green; that tells me all about cognitive dissonance.

  • Let us hope he will not decide to stop playing in the US because the fascist-in-chief unlilaterlly withdrew from the country from Paris Accord.

    • I agree with Dr. Jordan Peterson about Trump, “he’s a trickster, but the court jester is the only one who gets to speak the truth”. Bingo!!! Not so the perfectly controlled, say-nothing, do-nothing, middle America-despising, media-managed Mrs. Clinton.

  • In Germany, the Greens have been the party perhaps least supportive of classical music funding. So it’s good to see Levit possibly join the ranks. What beautiful music-making. As for the Wagner, strangely ironic as always. All that brooding, inexorable sun-breaking-through-the-clouds passion that became a cultural phenomenon, and then one of history’s most bitter ironies…

  • Green Party is controlled by US entities. Cem Oezdemir is a mole. Good luck in that party, Mr. Levit. Migration and integration are smoke screens, not the most important issues.
    Most important issues are an out of control international banking mafia and an insane US military industrial complex, junkies of the unilateral supremacy drug. But that Green party will not get anywhere with those really most important issues. They will instead be a good lap dog of their masters and debate about unisex bathrooms and other such most important issues.

    • Certainly controlled by UN globalists. Why else would they seek to bankrupt average taxpayers with their “open the sluice gates” immigration, insane energy policies that increase electricity prices by 5% per year and ban diesel cars using NOx limits that are 10 times higher than in offices (!).

      And populated by apparatchtik intellectual pygmies like C. Roth (abandoned art course after 1 year) and Goering Eckart (failed to complete theology degree).

      Germany has verifiably gone insane.

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