Ennio Morricone calls Hollywood director ‘a cretin’

The Italian  composer, who has just turned 90, last worked with Quentin Tarrantino on The Hateful Eight in 2016.

He says Tarantino ‘is absolutely chaotic. He talks without thinking, he does everything at the last minute. He has no idea, That’s not possible. It makes me so mad. I’m not going to put up with this. And I told him so last time.’

He goes on to tell German Playboy: ‘The man is a cretin. He only steals from others and puts stuff back together again. There’s nothing original about that. That doesn’t make him a director.’

More here.

UPDATE: Morricone denies all

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  • All correct. Tarantino is also a creature promoted to Hollywood top ranks by Harvey Weinstein. Did anything good ever come out of *that* Meta Cretin?

  • I’ve watched a couple Tarantino movies in the distant past and am definitely not interested to watch any more of them.

    By contrast, I can’t have enough of Morricone. I think of him as the real deal, and can’t help wondering what music he could have composed for the concert hall.

    He is way more than a first class tunesmith. I’ve recently enjoyed playing at the piano his 1981 hit “Chi Mai” (from the movie Le Professionel) and notice that it has way more than a tune to die for, including very interesting motivic processing, that keeps (my) interest alive. The way the opening theme unfolds from a single note is very sophisticated.

    • I share your enthusiasm for Ennio Morriccone. He’s able to compose in virtually any musical style, and the results are always pleasant even when it concerns the soundtrack of a B (or C…) movie.

    • == can’t help wondering what music he could have composed for the concert hall.

      Me too. I saw Cinema Paradiso done as a sort of piano concerto and would love to have heard more concert-style music

  • I think if one signs on to do a Western, one should expect that there will be many elements of the product similar to Westerns.

    Tarantino’s talent is to take something old and find a way to make it feel new again.

  • Fake News?

    From Variety:
    Ennio Morricone has denied participating in an interview with Playboy Germany magazine in which he was quoted as saying Quentin Tarantino was a “cretin,” who made nothing but “trash” films.
    “This is totally false,” the 90 year-old composer said in a statement released Sunday. “I have not given an interview to Playboy Germany and even more, I have never called Tarantino a cretin and certainly do not consider his films garbage. I have given a mandate to my lawyer in Italy to take civil and penal action.”
    Morricone, who won an Oscar for composing Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight,” was quoted in the December issue of the German-language magazine as saying Tarantino was a “chaotic” director on set and lacked originality.
    But Morricone claims the remarks were a fabrication.
    “In London, during a press conference in front of Tarantino, i clearly stated that I consider Quentin one of the greatest directors of this time.”

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