Listen to Anna Netrebko ‘torturing’ Strauss

That’s her word for it, in this Instagram post.


Doesn’t sound too bad to us.

Here’s more:

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  • A rehearsal for sure but, still, she sounds dreadfully out of tune, and unidiomatic. It won’t be any different come recital day.

  • Her German is unintelligible, I’m not sure singers are even able to graduate nowadays if their German is like hers.

    • Sorry I am german and do sing “Die Nacht” by myself. For sure, she does not feel the text and she is not a good Strauss singer, b u t the words, I do understand…

      Die Nacht

      Aus dem Walde tritt die Nacht;
      an den Bäumen schleicht sie leise,
      schaut sich um im weiten Kreise –
      Nun gib acht!

      Alle Lichter dieser Welt,
      alle Blumen, alle Farben
      löscht sie aus und stiehlt die Garben
      weg vom Feld.

      Alles nimmt sie, was nur hold;
      nimmt das Silber weg des Stromes,
      nimmt vom Kupferdach des Domes
      weg das Gold.

      Ausgeplündert steht der Strauch –
      Rücke näher: Seel’ an Seele!
      O, die Nacht, mir bangt, sie stehle
      dich mir auch.

      • I agree. I am a non-native German speaker, but do understand her words effortlessly.

        To me she sounds unidiomatic in diction and style. There is no shortage of good or great singers for Strauss his songs, but Netrebko is not one of them. Why she doesn’t focus on what she does best is beyond me.

        • And what is she doing well these days? She is the most overrated singer of her generation.
          She was never good at belcanto, no technique or understanding of the style, I didn’t like her in Verdi roles. She was good as Tatiana. Perhaps, if she stuck to Russian opera, she would be better remembered.
          But, I guess, she at the point where she can sing whatever she wants , however it comes out, and get a standing ovation. These clips are an embarrassment.

  • Ok, the second one, there she has no consonants in it, which are so important in german…

    This is no understandable german at all, not regarding the text, nor regarding the musical style of Richard Strauss…

    She should listen to great Strauss Sopranos like Popp, Janowitz, Seefried!!! or the younger Damrau, Barbara Bonney

    Mach auf, mach auf, doch leise mein Kind,
    Um keinen vom Schlummer zu wecken.
    Kaum murmelt der Bach, kaum zittert im Wind
    Ein Blatt an den Büschen und Hecken.
    Drum leise, mein Mädchen, daß nichts sich regt,
    Nur leise die Hand auf die Klinke gelegt.

    Mit Tritten, wie Tritte der Elfen so sacht,
    Um über die Blumen zu hüpfen,
    Flieg leicht hinaus in die Mondscheinnacht,
    Zu mir in den Garten zu schlüpfen.
    Rings schlummern die Blüten am rieselnden Bach
    Und duften im Schlaf, nur die Liebe ist wach

    • Sonia Yoncheva is a Bulgarian. YS identified his or herself as German.
      In any case, Sonia can probably give singing lessons to Netrebko.

  • Funny how Ms. Netrebko readily describes her singing as not ready for prime time but your know-it-all followers still feel a need to pile on.

    Norman, I keep wondering what it would be like if you threw a party for all these people. What an unfriendly and surly bunch it would be. It certainly wouldn’t include me.

    • Maybe Jack it’s because some people have a respect – indeed love – for art, and have HAD IT with “posers” in the field who lack the intelligence, artistry and sheer hard work to quality for a professional position in the field!

    • They would all attend. Clearly, they don’t have a lot else going on. Get a grip people, this is a private coaching. Truth be told, just as they make sausages, we don’t want to see how they do it. Anna will be just fine.

  • It would help her, if she took coaching in reciting the poems or libretti only. Understanding what she is talking about first.
    Then add artistic expression while speaking only.
    Then as a last step only add the singing.

    What she is doing here is dreadful. Just producing tones.
    It must be hard for her. If your fans literally applaud anyway, no matter what you do, then it is hard to challenge oneself to get better. It’s becoming a bit of a travesty.

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