UK music teacher gets ten years for child abuse

Paul Dowbekin, 67, who taught across the south of England, admitted 14 offences against boys under the age of 14.

Investigating officer DC Vicki Edwards said: ‘Dowbekin is every parent’s worst nightmare – he carried out abhorrent attacks on children left in his care.

‘Under the guise of improving their breathing during singing lessons, he would ask his victims to lie down and close their eyes. He’d then sexually assault them as they lay innocently on the floor.’


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  • No comments, as to why it’s just a lefties plot to undermine men, yet? (I guess it’s because no attention seeking women are involved. Still, I’m a tad disappointed.)

    • Fresh off reading the apologists in the Furtwangler comment thread, and with fond (!) memories of all those who said the Levine accusers can’t be believed, I, too, came here to learn from the SD commentariat why I would be falling prey to “political correctness” if I dared to judge this predator. Maybe there’s hope for the Slipped Disc readership yet, Brett!

    • Hey, sparky, this fellow was convicted in a court of law, as should be the case in a normal society, and not by a grand tribunal of bored internet monkeys.

      • You’re right, of course. And I’m sure you’d have hired him as a nanny for your kids in a job interview when the allegations not only were made public but also were a big of said job interview.

        На посошок!

        • There is usually some truth to the saying, “where there is smoke there is fire”. So, sure your nanny comeback makes a good point. But still, you and many other posters here, who are not interviewing accused molesters for a nanny position need to grapple with the subtle difference between accused and convicted.

        • Yes, Gruppenfuhrer Brettermeier. We should dispense with the presumption of innocence and due process. Pillory and public executions for everyone accused immediately !!!!
          Jawohl !

  • How long ago did this happen? If it happened less than 20 years ago when child molestation by Catholic priests etc were beginning to have big stories in the news I cannot understand this guy’s stupidity in his apparent belief that he would not be reported. If he were attracted to boys he could have had others in the room during the lesson or at least masturbated before the lesson.

    I understand that child molesters are despised even in the prison community. This guy could become a victim of prison rape.

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