Orchestra shuts offices after director is stabbed

Canada’s Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra shut its office after its director Mark Turner was stabbed by an intruder in mid-smmer.

Now Turner has decided to quit the Riversdale Business Improvement District, saying it’s bad for business and not improving at all.

Story here.

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      • It means posting a provocative/ titillating/ misleading headline or link, for the sake of getting a larger number of people to click on it (rather than for the sake of providing accurate information).

        This post would be an example: the headline makes it look like the man’s stabbing led to the orchestra shutting down, rather than moving its offices elsewhere.

        P.S. there’s no link where it says “story here.”

  • This story about the orchestra moving relates to the attack on the said director Mark Turner, which Slipped Disc reported on August 1. The move is merely a subsequence of that attack – probably only taking place now, after the (presumed) recovery of the director from the effects of the attack

  • OK, I’m gonna spot NL the “quit” – as in “quit the scene” (i.e., leave that particular location), the result of British vs American English. But “Shuts Offices” to me mean, closes up shop, ceases operation.

    So in reality, they just found the old neighborhood where their office was located to be a bit dodgy – given that the boss man got stabbed an all – and they’re moving to a safer location. A simple, prudent move.

    Mark Turner’s probably going to get a fair number of e-mails and texts expressing surprise that his orchestra is shutting down: “I saw the headline on Lebrecht and….”

    • Unless the title was changed, then I really don’t think I agree. Norman would have written a different title if the orchestra was shutting down for good.

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