Maestro move: Another UK conductor falls in Germany

It has been announced that Wayne Marshall is leaving the WDR in Cologne after six years. He will step down in 2020.

The reason? He wants to further his international career.

UPDATE: OK, we got it right third time…

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  • I thought Wayne Marshall was from Oldham in Lancashire. “Another US Conductor”??
    Does he have dual-nationality?

    • I think one problem with the new site seems to be that comments are now being moderated before they appear. Therefore at the time at which I, and presumably others, commented on this post, it seemed that each one of us was the first to spot the error. Then it seems that the comments pass moderation all in one go, and suddenly seven people are all saying the same thing, creating the appearance that we are all piling in with the same correction when one would have sufficed.

  • By the way it’s the wrong orchestra. WDR Symphony is the one conducted by Saraste, with Macelaru as designated MD.
    Marshall conducts the WDR Funkhausorchester…

  • He isn’t leaving the WDR SYMPHONY Orchestra, that’s the Orchestra that Jukka-Pekka Saraste is leaving after this season.

    He is leaving the WDR “Funkhaus” Orchestra, that’s a completely different orchestra.

    Both orchestras are part of the WDR (West German Broadcasting).

    The WDR Symphony Orchestra is the more “serious” concert orchestra, while the WDR Funkhaus Orchestra is the “entertainment” orchestra.

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