Sinking South Bank Centre is slammed over exclusive rooftop bar

Sinking South Bank Centre is slammed over exclusive rooftop bar


norman lebrecht

September 12, 2018

It has been revealed that London’s dreary SBC wants to deface the Royal Festival Hall with a rooftop bar and restaurant for the moneyed classes.

Resistance is massing.

This hall, built with the shillings of London’s citizens, is run by plutocrats for the benefit of their pals.

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  • Peter says:

    That’s not quite what the article says, is it ?
    Plutocracy we may be, especially the performing arts scene, but this scheme seems to be about raising money to repair the building.

  • William Evans says:

    The article indicates that the last refurb. to the building was eleven years ago and that considerable structural/weatherproofing work is now required. I presume this work has not suddenly become apparent, in which case why hasn’t the management worked to, say, a ten-year major repairs plan and budgeted accordingly since 2007?

  • Rob says:

    I wouldn’t mind a grey goose in the drizzling rain

  • Algot says:

    How can this building get any uglier ? With a roof top bar and a restaurant, at least it would have something appealing. And who knows, two glasses of wine might even improve the acoustics of this dreadful concert hall…