More Cleveland trouble: violinist quits

We hear that Peter Salaff, founding member of the Cleveland Quartet, has resigned from the Cleveland Insitute of Music, apparently in the wake of its decision to fire its resident Cavani Quartet.

Salaff has taught at the Institute since 1995.

No formal announcement is being made.

The Dean is scrambling to put together a full strings teaching faculty.

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    • What do you mean by “worked with Bill Preucil?” Yes, they were in the Cleveland Quartet – until 1995, which seems to predate Preucil’s issues. Then both taught at COM, so did lots of people. But unless you’re suggesting he was an accomplice, that’s irrelevant.

      I’m guessing he’s quitting over the Cavani Quartet on principle.

    • Peter Salaff is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, most generous musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. His character is completely beyond reproach, and for “boring fileclerk” to suggest otherwise is deplorable. Peter’s departure will be severely felt at CIM, where he has served as teacher and mentor to some of the finest young musicians in the US, just as he did previously at Eastman.

  • Peter Salaff is beyond reproach. He is kind, courteous, thoughtful, and honest. He cares deeply for every person he works with, and is an inspiration to those of us who are now teachers – he showed us the way to work deeply, with a nurturing approach which never, ever went into an inappropriate direction. He will be missed.

  • I’ve known Peter Salaff since his Cleveland Quartet days. He is one of the finest musicians and kindest people in the world. I have no doubt that his resignation is motivated by factors which are above reproach. I only hope that he continues to teach- perhaps at NEC, where the original Cleveland Quartet would be reunited.

  • Where are the comments from Theodore Kuch, er, um, “MacGyver”? He must be changing his socks hourly from the urine running down his legs.

  • Peter Salaff is a special, rare, saintly, spiritual, and inspiring human being whom I am lucky to be friends with.

    He also really, by virtue of the above qualities as well as his deep sense of chamber music and collaboration, set the tone of CIM. His loss is incalculable.

    • Yes, I agree Mr Shapiro wholeheartedly. Always the ‘Gentleman’ suffice to say. Wow, I am glad I never got the opportunity to work at this hell hole. This is what happens when you put a musician’s ‘non-musician’ at the helm.

  • Judy Bundra is ruining CIM the same way she ruined DePaul’s School of Music. Any DePaul alumni from the past 20 years saw this coming.

    • I studied with Peter Salaff at Eastman. Jeff is absolutely right. He is without a doubt an absolute angel.

      • I never had another teacher who would always give me a hug as we approached each other, and Peter never thought twice about it. A true saint, an angel, a gentleman & as wise a Jedi master as they come.

  • I worked with Mr. Salaff frequently during my years at Eastman. He was an excellent chamber music coach and never once did I hear rumors of any inappropriate activities. Just because he has chosen to resign/retire does not mean there is any “dark cloud” over his head.

  • I am so glad to read the glowing support for Peter Salaff! I can tell you for a fact that the Preucil incident has absolutely nothing to do with Peter. He has worked his entire 23 years at CIM with the Cavani Quartet and together they talught one of the most inspirational and successful Chamber Music departments in the country-in the world. Cavani were fired without warning and without cause and he was so sickened by this unjustified and immoral action that he felt he could “no longer enter the building”. Complete happenstance in timing-tragic if even one person conflates this with the Preucil trouble.

    • I respect Peter even more now that he had the courage to take a stand. The quartet was not treated with respect. But, we live in another world today. Values are not as important for the director of CIM as fame, money and image. People are not sensitive to each other anymore or care about someone elses feelings.

    • Some of this is valid. The Cavani quartet have been given a paid year sabbatical from what I understand. That is not ungenerous of Mr Roguel. In fairness and in my opinion, it was time. From the performances that I heard, they were very much on the decline. Average at best. Sad, but it should never come to a point where groups or individuals get the nudge. It is better to choose the moment in a gracious manner. I think Peter Salaff chose his well and with dignity as is only natural for him.

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