The full face of Cambridge professorial feminism

Dr Victoria N. Bateman is a Cambridge academic, specialising in macroeconomics and British economic history. She is a fellow in economics at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

She speaks here about economics, the arts and feminism.


Dr Bateman has given a further interview here about why women object when she shows up naked for dinner.

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    • She makes a very interesting and powerful point and in an entertaining , thoughtful way.
      I like the link between arts and economics and feminism. Never thought about it like that before so she succeeded.

    • Absolutely. These people embarrass themselves beyond anything normal. But, to be expected in the new, ‘look at me’ world. Their parents obviously thought they were ‘special’!! Apparently we’re also supposed to think that as well. (Shakes head.)

  • She takes academia into entirely new directions.

    It seems to have become very difficult to keep the students’ attention during lectures. Maybe this type of presentation will help.

  • She is quite an idiot.
    „”The (wrong) association of women’s bodies with sin and shame, and with it the notion that a woman’s value is in large part based on how ‘modest’ she is.”

    Well, obviously, even a Cambridge college professor can understand that, shame has played a crucial role in bringing civilization to today‘s pinnacle (with all its flaws).
    I remember as a kid visiting the zoo and seeing a chimpanzee defecating without any shame in front of us dozens of spectators.
    Now when will we see ‚professor misguided -ism‘ defecate right there on the floor next to the dining table at the faculty end of academic year reception? Just to enforce her ‚argument‘ that assiciation wirh bodily things in shame is bad for anyone, particularly women?!

    Same same.

    Scary one can not even send one‘s kids to Cambridge anymore, just to be safe from the anti-intellectual disease of modern ideologies.

    • She’d be a great Islamic fundamentalist. In fact, she probably already is. No matter what stripe, she’s fundamentalist. Period. These types always are.

  • She says that women’s bodies are associated with “shame and sin,” which is probably true, but then it’s shame and sin that makes sex so much fun. Art is similar. It needs just the right amount of transgression.

    And on another note, I’m happy to see that the British Pound still has some use.

    • A perserse and failed attempt at irony.

      Shame in relation to the human physique is a protection of intimacy and freedom.

      And the comparison with art is particulary absurd and nonsensical.

        • It is a PC clichée to think that veils, as used in muslem countries, are always a signal of suppression. But that is a misunderstanding: it can be both a sign of suppression and an instrument of freedom: from the male gaze in a society where men define public space. In the over-sexualized West, the halfnaked adverts for ladies underware on billboards or bus stops can be understood as suppression of woman, of reducing her to an object, so one could understand a woman wearing a burka in the West as an attempt at liberation from an oversexed society.

          As you see, these things are more complex than one would initially think.

  • I tried this yesterday to underline my request for a pay rise but it did not go down very well here. When I brought-up the point of macro-economics, the banknotes which protected the last resorts of my shame were taken-off and I was left to the stunned gaze of the market. How I wished to have a burka right there and then! (I did not get the pay rise but instead got a reprimand for disrupting the workplace, and I felt much suppressed in my femininity.)


    • Dear Sally,
      next time poop on the floor! ‘Your body, your choice!!!’
      That will show them. Away with the patriarchal shame!!!

      • I wouldn’t dare to besmirch the marble here, I’ve already been criticized for my high heels which seem to pinch little holes in the surface and it’s an old building, and I don’t want the bad looks again from the cleansing clan… But I’ll keep it in mind for the time when the subject of my salary turns-up again. Physical protests always seem the best to me! like this academic shows, only THEN all those old fogeys look up from their notes.


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