David Garrett extends his absence

David Garrett extends his absence


norman lebrecht

June 06, 2018

The German-American violinist who has been out for half a year with a herniated disc, won’t be back any time soon.

Here’s what his people say:

Dear fans,
Unfortunately, despite David’s very good health progress, he has to cancel more concerts because of his herniated disc.
His doctors insist, that he still has to take care of himself and they don’t allow him to play. This concerns the crossover concerts in June in Bucharest and Sofia, as well as the concerts with the Munich Philharmonic and the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin. We deeply regret the news, but are happy to update you about the following changes.

Crossover – “Explosive Live!“-Tour
The crossover events in Bucharest and Sofia will be postponed to September.
Sofia, Arena Armeec, on 6th June will take place on 29th September.
Bucharest, Sala Palatului, on 8th June will take place on 13th September.
Bucharest, Sala Palatului, on 9th June will take place on 14th September.
Purchased tickets remain valid for the new concert dates.

Munich – Munich Philharmonic, conductor: Valery Gergiev
International star tenor Juan Diego Florez is confirmed as a soloist for the concert on 14th July.

Linz – Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, conductor: Alondra de la Para
The concert “Klassik am Dom” on 16th July will be postponed for an indefinite period.

For more information on the concerts and alternative dates, please contact the respective organizers.

We continue to ask for your understanding and patience, that David can only perform, when he is completely recovered.
We apologize for your inconvenience.

David Garrett Management



  • Doug says:

    “Explosive Live!” ? Give me a break! BARF! Then again, maybe he was hoping for his herniated disc to explode live?

    • YS says:

      The world will be the same without him. This may be the redponse for is arrogant behaviour, for his overrated achievement in music, for his pop star alike career with much too much attention, much too much money… Although having been taught in classical technique he only puts his feet on classical music, giving attention only to speed and his stardom

      Perhaps this health issues will give him reason to come to normal life back again and to be modest and to decide classic or rock pop

      Thank God we have Daniel Hope, Julian Rachlin and some wonderful female musicians on top of the violinists

      • MavisP says:

        “Thank God we have Daniel Hope, Julian Rachlin and some wonderful female musicians on top of the violinists”

        That’s an interesting proposition. Good luck to Daniel and Julian, I hope you both make the most of it.

  • MavisP says:

    Herniated Disc? Surely that refers to his last recording. He’s suffering from a slipped disc (which incidentally is quite norm for the rest of us).

  • Robert Holmén says:

    A bad back… that was what did in Eugene Fodor, I recall.

  • Linda says:

    Y’all are cruel. Wishing a speedy recovery for David Garrett.

  • Bylle Binder says:

    Three days I read the comment to this article, having got a friend who likes David Garrett. I felt a bit miffed because it sounds pretty much like this kind of musician’s arrogance I can’t stand. It’s like : “He’s done some pop music, he’s highly popular, he’s got a lof of silly fangirls – he must be a lousy musician.”
    I’ve heard him by now – and you know what? I felt touched by some of the things he played! I liked his Bruch violin concerto, I like what he does with Vivaldi’s Quattro stagioni and I certainly dont think he’s a lousy musician. I mean I won’t become a fangirl of his and I’m certainly not buying tickets for his next concerto because some of his stuff doesn’t interest me much. But I think he doesn’t deserve this mockery and this “oh, we’re so above him!”

  • Bella Belle says:

    Where all your compassionate People?? David Garrett is not an ordinary violinist. He is very creative and innovative himself to be more musically creating music not to be forgotten! He is impeccable and I never see a violinist who work so hard! By the way, dg is highly intelligent. Music is his life and he gave us music to inspired us (people) and he makes sure that he gave it all himself. I don’t think you people understand he is a human being with feelings and I must say a kindhearted person. Don’t judge him by insulting his music or being the greatest violinist ever in this world. Each violinist have their own techniques! David Garrett have his distinctive style that are far from the rest. Oh yes! He is very handsome!!! There’s a quote that say “be kind to anyone, life is short” Anen to you all peace love and harmony

  • JB says:

    I would be arrogant too if I had to put up with people with the above comments, etc. Wishing David a speedy recovery both physically and emotionally and praying that he has peaceful down time. Thx for your beautiful music!!!!

  • El Grillo says:

    What is this with violinists and their…..

    You mean like Dylana Jenson who multiple times has tried to have me arrested, if I would simply be myself and friendly without pretentious reserve, or barred from places, or incapacitated from getting healthy food, and then recently, not recognizing this person I give out a drawing from a card I bought from the Museum in my city, and then when playing with two discarded bottles to make out they are an orchestra and singing something from Romeo, she says:
    I love you

    And this guy with his banana fall and his violin to pieces….


    yeah sure

    And I just recovered from knee surgery from trying to rest it on my chin NOT!

  • Lorelei007 says:

    The only “cure” or treatment for a slipped disc is time. Surgery rarely helps and can make the situation worse. I speak from experience.
    Anyone as talented (and good-looking!) as David Garrett can do just about anything they want. Good or bad, this is the way it is. It is the way of the world.
    Good luck to David Garrett.

  • Zoie Ștefania Antăluță says:

    Am decis să comentez în limba română din respect pentru toți fanii lui David Garrett care și-au cumpărat bilete încă de anul trecut,chiar din septembrie 2017(printre care mă aflu și eu)și care sunt extrem de nerăbdători să se reîntâlnească cu David Garrett și minunata sa muzică în România!
    Sunt sigură că tot ceea ce face în muzică acest fantastic violonist o face pentru eternitate!
    De asemenea,el știe bine că esențială este atitudinea pe care o are în fața problemelor și semnificația pe care o atribuie evenimentelor.
    David știe,ca noi toți de altfel,că nu poți controla de multe ori ceea ce se petrece în viața ta dar poți controla care este atitudinea cu care privești acele evenimente (ne)fericite!
    David,ai grijă de tine,odihnește-te!
    De multe ori, poate,fiecăruia dintre noi ni s-a întâmplat să avem și zile mai grele;important a fost să nu disperăm;fiindcă ați auzit vreodată că cel mai întuneric este chiar înainte să răsară soarele?
    Și da,în sfârșit pentru tine,David soarele a ieșit!!!
    Știu că vei pregăti revenirea pe scenă după atâtea luni de repaus impus de medici,cu mare bucurie și emoție;iar publicul tău va ști cu siguranță cum să te primească în București,la Sala Palatului unde cred că poți spune că ești ca acasă,ținând seama că ai mai urcat pe această scenă și în anii trecuți.
    Abia aștept să ne bucurăm împreună de tot ce va fi acolo în cele două concerte ale tale!
    O vară cu mult soare în suflet îți doresc ție și celor care te prețuiesc!
    Te îmbrățișez cu inima,

  • Judy Miles says:

    Some quite good and professional violinists have been mentioned in a few of the above comments. Now to David: he is an astute businessman with great management abilities along with his management team which lends to his successful career.
    And one more minor detail: many people play the violin beautifully. But, nobody, and I mean nobody else has the perfectly good looks like David. Therefore, if I’m going to watch and listen to someone play the violin, I choose David Garrett. The rest of you can go hide your envious, petty little hearts and minds in the same dark space that harbors your insignificant thoughts.

  • Francie says:

    I’m very confused about the comments I’m reading. A performer has had to cancel some of his engagements due to a back injury and instead of understanding and well wishes I see criticism of his musical ability and personality. I know what it is like to live with a hemorrhagic disc; its limitations and the time it takes to heal. I cannot conceive how this would effect a performer who has to be in constant motion to provide the level of entertainment his fans are accustom to plus perform on almost a daily bases. This is not about an entertainers personality or whether he deserves the acclaim he is receiving; it is about his health. If you want to vent your objects to his style and performance try doing it on his fan page not on a sight that if basically reporting news.

    • Margaret Choffel says:

      Amen to what Francie said… As anyone out there who has had problems with their spines knows, it’s painful not to mention limiting to how one moves normally. I too wish David a speedy and full recovery..

    • Bella Belle says:

      You are absolutely right my dear! Well said! We all should be thankful for the music of David Garrett and He gave it all himself selflessly with love and respect. I hope you all appreciated his hardwork and his good heat. He’s not just any violinist…. An impeccable and genius violinist. If people understand how to composed music? You need creatively talented and a mind of eccentricity to create beautiful soulful music Rock On DG ❤️