Daniil Trifonov hurts his leg at football

Putin’s World Cup, where he played a promo role, has left the star pianist with a problem.

He was supposed to play two Rachmaninov concertos, 1 and 2, in the same July concert at Baden-Baden.

But, says the festival, because ‘he has just recovered from a leg injury (he) would prefer not to perform both piano concertos by Sergei Rachmaninoff on a single evening.’

Trifonov has substituted the Scriabin concerto for the 2nd Rachmaninov, involving less leg work, apparently.

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  • This is either a new injury (since he just played Rachmaninoff 3 in San Fran), or he’s turning into Martha Argerich and canceling when he feels like it.

    Given his track record, though, I believe the former is probably the case. Someone needs to protect this young man somehow. He seems to be a danger to himself just walking around. He will not be Norman’s “pianist for the rest of our lives” if he trips and splits his skull open.

    • There is something of the klutz about this guy which is worrying. Perhaps having sidelined childhood in the pursuit of an adult career he is now wanting to pursue the child-like side of his life. I’ve seen that happen with adults who are not musicians. Delayed adolescence.

      • He’s 27, and he plays football and cycles. I know plenty of people that play football and cycle well into their 30s and 40s, That’s not childlike.

        • Of course not – unless they have an international career as a concert pianist and a tendency to being accident-prone. Where IS your common sense?

          My point was that I’m betting he didn’t do much of that growing up, always stuck at the piano. And probably fairly ‘hot-housed’ at that.

  • This is not correct!
    Danil Trifonov posted THIS on his facebook page:
    “There has been a report of an apparent leg injury that prevents me from playing two concerti by Rachmaninov in one concert in Baden-Baden. That has nothing to do with the reason for a program change. The change is purely an artistic decision made by the artists.”
    Mr. Lebrecht- please correct your mistake!!

    • My reply, on Daniil’s Facebook page:
      Dear Daniil, The mistake is not mine. I published verbatim a statement by Bavarian Radio, which they ascribed to you. all good wishes, Norman

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