Britain’s next rising baton is a Spaniard

Britain’s next rising baton is a Spaniard


norman lebrecht

June 11, 2018

The CBSO has an unrivalled record in training conductors for the future,

Recent assistant conductors of local origin include Alpesh Chauhan and Jonathan Bloxham, both now well launched.

The next one, announced today, is … Jaume Santonja Espinós.



  • Chuck says:

    Surely he isn’t Britain’s rising star, he’s Spain’s!

  • dorsetrichard says:

    how about Halle’s young conductors, Edward Gardner Andrew gourlay Jamie Phillips and jonathan Heyward

  • dorset Richard says:

    How about the Halle, Edward Gardner, Andrew Gourlay, Jamie Phillips and Jonathon Heyward

    • FS60103 says:

      Jamie Phillips, of course – like Ben Gernon at the BBC Philharmonic – cut his teeth on summer conducting workshops with the CBSO Youth Orchestra.

      And lots of other places too, of course. This stuff never happens in isolation. What matters is that young talent is coming through and it’s being nurtured.

  • Nick2 says:

    Certainly not so recent, but the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra has in its history had a very distinguished series of Assistants including Sir Alexander Gibson, Sir Colin Davis, James Lockhart, Sir Andrew Davis and Sir Simon Rattle. Hard to top that list!

  • Ed007 says:

    I won’t show this headline to any of my Spanish friends. (Jaume is a Catalan name.)

    • Alexander says:


    • Carmen says:

      Actually, he´s not Catalan at all. He´s from Valencia. Similar language & names but it´s a whole different region/autonomous community. Nothing to do with Catalonia. Valencians would be pretty upset that you took him for a Catalan. That´s kind of an insult.

  • Peter says:

    And I fear he will leave the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra now…

    Anyway, I wish him good luck and a brillant carreer. And, please Jaume, do take some Belgian scores with you when you travel the world.