Top deck: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra goes busking on the 25 bus

Top deck: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra goes busking on the 25 bus


norman lebrecht

June 13, 2018

Yesterday six members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra boarded a number 25 bus at Tottenham Court Road and amused commuters on their way home to Ilford in Essex.

The stunt was designed to promote a new brand of iced tea, called Fuze Tea.

We think the subliminal message is: you’re never safe from the RPO.

Or: The RPO reaches routes other bands cannot board.

Or: Any more fares please, says the RPO conductor.


Keep your captions coming in.


  • You wait ages for an RPO and then 3 come along…


  • Peter says:

    Some of your south coast correspondents might remember the Bournemouth Symphony’s tie-up with Bournemouth ‘s Yellow Buses. Produced such one-liners as “Go Chopin on a yellow”.

    • Sandrey Date says:

      As a member of the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus, I took part in a session in 1983 at which a song – well, advertising jingle – called Rhapsody in Yellow (music & words by Cammegh, Hallam & Lowes) was recorded by the Chorus and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. It was issued as a free advertising flexi-disc (33⅓ rpm) by Bournemouth’s Yellow Buses. It includes a spoken introduction by Ian Cunningham, who, in addition to being CE of the bus company, was also a keen amateur cellist and Chairman of Bournemouth Chamber Music Society. Recorded at the Winter Gardens (BSO) 8 March 1983 and 2CR Studio (BSC), Southcote Rd, Bournemouth.

  • Minutewaltz says:

    What an adorable video. All the passengers looked so happy – I wish the RPO played on the buses I go on.

  • Paul Davis says:

    The Royal Philhop-on-it…number 25 Busk route.

  • barry guerrero says:

    I wonder what Beecham would think.

    • Paul Davis says:

      Beecham would have probably not approved of the choice of route No. 25….too vulgar; Oxford Circus (!) to Ilford…. “Pray, Sir…..where would such a place be found… obviously somewhere where honest, decent players could Ill-afford, (sorry!), to be seen, or heard…”
      Beecham would have better Handelled any bus route in the Strand!

  • Maurice says:

    or…… The RPO is such a strong, well respected, international and world conquering brand that everyone wants to be associated with it?

  • John Borstlap says:

    The version of this one movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is so short, that one begins to have doubts about the orchestra’s artistic planning staff – if this is the way they play classical music, concerts will be very short.