US musicians: Do not enter the UK via Ireland

US musicians: Do not enter the UK via Ireland


norman lebrecht

May 31, 2018

Message from promoter Chris Metzler:


Attn Touring US musicians coming to the UK – DO NOT COME INTO THE UK VIA IRELAND, your COS workpermits are worthless. Sad to say I just had a tour from a Texan singer songwriter cancel due to the British/Irish immigration turning them away in Dublin. Thousands have been lost to the artists, the promoters and myself. They had the correct COS (work permits) but due to the 1971 Control order legislation being re-introduced and the current Brexit situation they were told to go back home.

They are not the first to have this happen in the last weeks, read here for more Please warn any US acts (or anybody requiring a COS) traveling to the UK not to come in via Ireland or they will live to regret it. #FuckBrexit



  • anon says:

    Can’t let foreign Texans take jobs away from Britain’s native Texans, maybe let Irish Texans in, but definitely not American Texans, and a definite non to French Texans.

    • Alexander says:

      there are a lot of Middle East Texans ( not to speak about African ones) to stand in the queue also 😉

    • buxtehude says:

      Didn’t realize there were any British Texans still left, let alone French ones.

      In the US even neighboring states won’t let Texas Texans in any more, they’re the camel’s nose under the tent, they’re locusts. That goes double for the singer-songwriters. The mere fact that they’re still attempting to infiltrate shows this. If I were May I’d shut down the friggin’ airports til we get this sorted.

  • Sharon says:

    At one time student tour groups to Israel used to go through Ireland because that was the cheapest way to travel there. I do not know the details but possibly this singer chose to go through Ireland for the same reason. Of course, the airline involved would not refund the airfare.