The Met names new Robert Rattray

Word is out that Diane Zola is to be the Metropolitan Opera’s Assistant General Manager, Artistic, a job formerly occupied by the late Robert Rattray. The position involves finding talent and keeping it happy.

Diane, Ukraine born and raised in Detroit, has been Director of Artistic Administration for Houston Grand Opera. After a singing career, she helped the Bolshoi Opera create its young artist program in Moscow.

She was once an intern at a law firm alongside Renee Fleming.

Sounds good.


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    • The tribute happened. It was an invitation-only event at the Met, I think back in May. Gelb displayed his usual poor taste in his remarks, while others (singers, admins, managers) were respectful.

      The opening of the Parsifal revival was also dedicated to his memory.

      • Are you at liberty to say what the “poor taste” remarks were?

        It is astonishing that an executive director at any organization, and especially one of the stature of the Met, would exhibit “poor taste” at a memorial tribute for a late employee in front of donors.

        People who do not care about etiquette or what they say in any other circumstance usually observe their “ps and qs” when they are present at any type of a memorial function. Funerals and memorials are one of the last bastions where etiquette and good taste matter in American culture.

        If Gelb exhibits “poor taste” at such a function I wonder what he will say on the stand at the Levine trial, if it indeed does go to trial, although there he might be coached by lawyers.

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