Music book cover of the year

Just out in Italy: Luca Ciammarughi’s history of the complex Soviet relationships with leading pianists, from Horowitz to Richter, Magaloff to Gavrilov.

The subject sounds fascinating.

The cover is irresistible.

Find it here.

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  • A thought experiment, a book on National Socialism and it’s relation with artist. A book cover with a Swastika instead of CCCP.

    A reminder, ole Unca’ Joe managed to exceed in killing of the number of people he didn’t like than the ever efficient Nazis did.

  • This book might be very interesting but it’s impossible to tell from the blurb whether the author’s come up with anything new or merely summarized the known record. The outline covers a lot of ground and comes with the usual lofty sentiments about art and individualism.

    • The pianists treated are hundreds, and many in Italy are not even known. I did not rely only on the pre-existing material, but I also did interviews with russian pianists who lived communism. In any case, I think there was a lack of a view on the relationship between Soviet politics and pianists, while for composers such as Shostakovich or Prokofiev the bibliography is already quite rich.

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