Who’s playing at the Trump White House? James Galway

Many musicians have stayed away, for one reason or other, from the Trump Administration.

But the veteran flute virtuoso and his wife Jeanne turned up for the annual St Patrick’s Day shamrock presentation by the Irish prime minister and played a spot of Mozart and Danny Boy.

You can watch their performance here.

It may have exhausted the presidential attention span.


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  • “The presidential attention span” is directed towards giving jobs to the American working class. As contemptible and unworthy as that sounds, it does matter to many millions of people. And it has taken a bulldozer to break through the swamp and detritus that has formed around the insider so-called ‘elite’. He is the monster you Frankensteins created.

    • The swamp runs deep, very deep. And the “long march” through the education system has paid vast dividends to the neo-Marxists. Just look around yourself right here at the endless sea of useful idiots.

    • What jobs? His so called capital construction plan is very little and just took the money away from other departments that also hire for construction, like EPA and I believe the transportation dept. He cut staffing in other departments except the military and wants to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities which, although small agencies, enables a number of arts organizations in the US to function which otherwise would close.

    • This comment now totally puts every comment ‘Sue’ has ever put on this blog into total perspective. Should have been obvious all along.

      • Technically she only said the “presidential attention span is directed at giving jobs to Americans.” She never said he was any good at it.

  • I think the Irish president set a pretty good precedent last year on St. Patrick’s Day when he stood next to Trump & totally dissed him with an eloquent speech about immigration.


    After that, it seems perfectly fine for an Irish person to be visiting the Trump White House. It doesn’t necessarily mean they approve of him, they’re just having their Irish say on St. Pat’s day. The Irish Prez gave a speech, the Galways played Mozart. I say good for all of them!

    • Yes, it’s always heart-warming to see the Irish celebrate their day, and be proud of their Irishness, and none more than Irish Americans, some of whom are my family.

  • Judgement was never Galway’s strong point, but his American wife should have known better than to play in the Trump White House. Shame on both of them.

  • That is really unfortunate. I wonder if he would have performed for Hitler? It is a deplorable choice to participate and dignify a thug, destroyer of the Free World!

    • You give that moron too much credit. The American people who voted for him did that.
      (not that the other candidate of that two party political charade was any better, but she would have destroyed the free world with a more dignified demeanor.)

  • I still think it was fine, given the Irish President’s appearance last year & his pointed discourse. Perhaps the Galways could have followed in that vein & chosen music that subtly poked fun at or criticized Trump. It would have gone way over Trump’s head for sure.

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