Sicklist: Helsinki loses both conductor and soloist. Problem?

The Finnish Radio Symphony orchestra has lost both conductor and soloist for tomorrow’s concert.

Lionel Bringuier cancelled on Sunday afternoon, Piotr Anderszewski on Monday.

Panic? No panic. Finland’s got talent. The concerts (tomorrow and Thursday) have been taken over by Klaus Mäkelä (pic) and Vikingur Olafsson. Local. And good.

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  • Local? Vikingur Olafsson is Icelandic. Flight from Reykjavik to Helsinki is about 2.500 km. Pretty much the same as London to Moscow. Also quite local.

  • I watch the Finnish Radio streams almost every week that they webcast (unless I am travelling or otherwise indisposed), and I have done so for at least the last five years. I think this is first time they have a conductor cancellation this close to the show, and I don’t remember any soloist ever cancelling…although I’m sure I’ve missed something over the years.

    They were supposed to play Scheherazade this week, and I am sure some of the wind players are disappointed in the program change.

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