Just in: Baroque group gets its funding  back amid Scotland chaos

Just in: Baroque group gets its funding back amid Scotland chaos


norman lebrecht

February 06, 2018

Besieged by accusations of incompetence and insensitivity, Creative Scotland – the goverment arts funder – today reversed the cuts it made to five organisations.

They are: Birds of Paradise, Lung Ha, Catherine Wheels, Visible Fictions and the baroque ensemble, Dunedin Consort. All are assured of funding for the next three years.

Where the extra £2.6 million will come from is unstated.

The decision to defund the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Hebrides Ensembles still stands. For the moment.

UPDATE: Two Creative Scotland board members resign.


  • Doug says:

    They can print the money. That will stimulate the economy!


    • Heini says:

      Printing money is illegal. Typing £2,600,000 on a computer keyboard isn’t though. The banks do it all the time.

  • Alan says:

    This is very troubling. The organisations who can mobilise support and generate enormous publicity get funding restored. What about potentially less ‘audience friendly’ organisations such as Sound Festival in Aberdeen for example.
    Creative Scotland is an absolute shambles at moment with two board members resigning last year. How can we have confidence in this group of amateurs!?

  • Hugh Kerr says:

    Alan is right Creative Scotland is a shambles two of the board have already resigned the rest should be sacked along with CEO Janet Archer. Here is an organisation whose budget was actually increased by the Scottish SNP government and yet they managed to offend almost everyone with their decisions “ snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” as one critic put it!