A remarkable new score for TV doc on doctors in Auschwitz

Next Tuesday, France 2 will show Hippocrate aux enfers,  a documentary on the horrific medical experiments carried out on prisoners by Nazi doctors at Auschwitz.

The programme is made by a well-known TV doctor, Michel Cymes, whose two grandfathers were murdered in Nazi camps. As a GP, he cannot understand how German doctors could have broken their Hippocratic oath in this way.

Dr Cymes insisted that the film should have a new score in memory of the victims. He commissioned the composer Jean-Pascal Beintus and asked his friend Renaud Capuçon to record the soundtrack.

The music itself deserves a wider audience.

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  • It is not difficult to understand how such ‘doctors’ could violate the hppocratic oath. First, an ethnic group was gradually dehumanized in a long process of ‘acculturation’, then ostracized so that their being ‘different’ got underlined, so the ‘doctors’ did not consider them human at all and simply thought (or wanted to think) they were conducting experiments on animals, like vivisection.

    Ironically, Wagner’s cultural antisemitism helped making antisemitism ‘salonfähig’ but he was forcefully against vivisection, being a fervent animal lover. So, if the nazis had been more carefully following Wagner’s ideas, as Hitler had advised, they inevitably would have had to stop at murdering what they considered a mere animal species.

  • It is important to all of us to have this documentary widely distributed. As a physician, historian and author I know it is necessary to keep reminding the world about what went on over 70 years ago in the German concentration camps. Having researched that era and followed specific physicians who were invited to the United States under “Operation Paper Clip”, I have written a novel of historical fiction which deals doctors who performed horrific experiments on Jews and other inmates at Auschwitz. Stephen Robert Stein, author “The Oath”.

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