Opera Australia tenor is charged with child sex offences

Opera Australia tenor is charged with child sex offences


norman lebrecht

November 21, 2017

The tenor David Edward Lewis will appear in court in Sydney charged with offences against a girl of 14.

Lewis, now 58, was a member of the OA chorus at the time of the alleged offences, in the 1990s. The girl was in the children’s chorus. The incidents are said to have occurred inside the Sydney Opera House.

Lewis resigned from the company last month.

Full report here.


  • Fed up with protecting criminals says:

    This is just one of the stories that need to be told about this man, but also others within the company need to be held to account as well.
    The new CEO is kidding if he is serious that claims OA is an unsafe workplace are disingenuous – it’s a terrible workplace! Women are constantly accosted with vile commentary from men, pats on the backside or even just blatant groping. Bullying from staff and management is a constant and the management know about this, they just turn a blind eye. Duty of care at OA is non existent.
    When top dog Terracini openly discriminates, how can any of us be surprised employees of OA act with such disregard and lack fear of reprisal.
    [redacted: defamation]
    There is an eerie silence in Australia amongst OA people- once again, too afraid to stand up and do what’s right for fear of being fired or not rehired by the company. This is why these things don’t get reported. Shame.

  • RW2013 says:

    “It was Mr Lewis’s starring role as Princess Turandot’s father, the Emperor…” says the report.

    Australian journalism is always good for a laugh.