Munich’s sex-pest is back in court on new charges

The former rector of the Munich Academy of Music and the Salzburg Mozarteum, Siegfried Mauser, was in court again today charged with the rape of a woman who applied to be his assistant and the molestation of another.

Mauser, 63, denied the charges.

He has already been convicted of groping two female faculty members in Munich and, while he has not resumed his academic career, various old friends have invited him to serve on piano juries.

Court report here.

Much more detailed report here.


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  • In the Middle ages, the punishment for these alleged crimes was a red hot poker inserted where the sun does not shine.

    • The reality is rather different.

      In the Middle ages rapes were rarely punished, punishments were typically minor and in about half the cases the victim was prosecuted for making false accusations instead.

      The Middle Ages were not golden age of concern about rape.

  • And after the”rape” she agreed to meet him again,maybe perhaps “to heal herself from the terrible events”…..laughing my ass off!What a copycat! But NL of course choose to ignore this for a raucy tabloid press headline…

  • To be clear about my comment (which hasn’t yet been posted because it is still awaiting moderation due to the inclusion of a couple urls,) the allegations made toward the former Dean and former comp prof refer to various alleged incidents by them reported in the media, not the allegations made in the survery.
    The various articles about the surveys do not say which professors were allegedly invovled in the reported numbers. Given the high numbers, it would seem that there were a larger number of professors involved, not just the former Dean and former comp prof.

    The survery numbers suggest how widespread the problems allegedly are. And the University of Music in Munich is by no means alone with these problems. Based on my expereince, I would say they exist in all of Germany’s Universities of Music, though perhaps to varying degrees.

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