Peter Gelb fires the company nurse

Peter Gelb fires the company nurse


norman lebrecht

October 06, 2017

Among the long-serving staff sacked by the Met’s general manager in his current round of cuts is, we hear, Linda Shene, the very well-liked staff nurse who is first on the scene for all injuries, great or small.

We have been informed of her dismissal by company members. There has been no confirmation.



  • Brian says:

    Ok, so the headline reads: “Peter Gelb Fires Company Nurse”. Once you read the article and get to the last sentence, that reads “There has been no confirmation.”

    Super journalism once again!

    Her apparent “dismissal by company members” would also be terribly misleading, were it not for the headline (apart from the fact that seasoned readers of this blog know just much much Mr Lebrecht reveres Mr Gelb).

  • Sanity says:

    Always keep-a hold of nurse – for fear of finding something worse!

  • herrera says:

    Half the audience is probably doctors anyway, so a “is there a doctor in the house” will more than suffice for free medical care

  • rg says:

    At the Met, things have taken a turn for the nurse.

    • herrera says:

      No nurse is good nurse.

      • AMetFan says:

        Unless you happen to be a one of stagehands or craftspeople in one of the workshops and need immediate assistance due to an accident, or a singer who needs medical help to make it through a performance. People, this is not a joke. The medical unit at the Met serves a vital purpose.

  • John says:

    This is typical of the sort of moves at every place I have worked too: fire a relatively low-paid but necessary person. With the savings, have your office marbleized.