Munich names concert hall architects

The Austrian Architekturbüro Cukrowicz Nachbaur has won the contract to design Munich’s new concert hall.

Here’s the winning model:

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  • from the outside it looks like a medieval German city house, a bit stylized though … all in a contemporary architectural trend

  • The architects were told: design something like a shoe box because it is said that that will have the best acoustics. Then they went onto an explorative expedition in the Maria Hilfstrasse to see what that is, but went into the wrong shop.

  • Wonderful architecture – abundance of space and light in a pedestrian zone as part of an urban regeneration project.

    London cannot possibly achieve anything like this on the current proposed miniscule site surrounded by a traffic nightmare.

    Anyone interested should go and have a look at the grim Museum of London site.

  • If that is the rendering, I like it. Ultimately what truly matters is the acoustics and I am sure it will be state of the art. Lucky München.

    • After the war, Münster was completely rebuilt as it was, a grand reconstruction. Also in various other German towns, old architecture has been rebuilt. The historic centre of Frankfurt is being rebuilt, also a careful reconstruction. In Berlin, the royal palace (Berliner Stadtschloss) is being reconstructed. Why all these reconstructions? To regain identity of cities and towns, to recapture something of the original character, because an increasing number of civilians just can non longer stand the visual cancer in modernist city centres they have to pass by on a daily basis.. All the guickly rebuilt city centres which had been bombed were victims of modernist monstruosity frenzy, and younger generations want to get their historic beauty back. München also sufferend gravely from the war, and to have another crazy blob in its townscape is a very sad result of an incredibly conventional, outdated and culturally-ignorant idea about urban planning and what cultural identity means – it is again a faceless, meaningless, quasi-utopian gesture of inane and juvenile utopianism.

      The irony is, that Münchner audiences find Prokofiev and Stravinsky and Bartok ‘too modern’, but they are supposed to not be offended by a plastic uptide-down box.

        • Fair enough, but that is no reason for German architects to damage their own cities even more by modernist eye sores.

          In Britain, anyway, postwar architects continued the destruction of historic cities as well, so it was a general attempt at the time to get rid of the past and city centres being bombed was a great opportunity for the suicidal designers of the anti-cultural future. In the Netherlands, Rotterdam’s centre was carefully bombed flat, and after the war whatever ruins were left were removed and an entire new modernist centre was built, a provincial and sorry imitation of Manhattan. Etc. etc….. and now, 70 years after the war, there are still people wanting to continue the destruction, even through the building of absurd concert halls.

    • While the lone interior picture at the BR Klassik site shows what looks to be a promising shoebox shape, or even a slight reverse-fan configuration (a shoebox narrower at the back – with corresponding beneficial effects on the early-reflection patterns) and shallow balconies behind the orchestra (better for bass and loudness) the accompanying article says the acoustician hasn’t been selected yet! Plenty of opportunities still available for screwing this up.

  • Let’s see whether London comes up with something better.
    So far I haven’t seen much.
    Munich, with its 1.3 million inhabitants has 2 world class orchestras and one of the best opera houses in Europe. Once the Gasteig is renovated and this new hall built they will also have 2 superb concert halls for each of these orchestras ( plus the Herkulessaal on the side. ).
    PS @ Biggles Glad you feel that way. Good decision to leave the EU, you will be much better off outside.

      • The Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, the Bayerisches Staatsorchester and which is the third?? ;-P

        • Selbstverständlich das Münchner Kammerorchester!

          If yon don’t have the luck to hear them live in concert halls, you can at least check out their recordings by ECM. They are simply awesome.

          • ;-P showed that Max’s tongue was hanging out of the left side of his month as he winked with his right eye. You know, like Theresa May.

  • Is the site still around the Ostbahnhof? I’ve lost the thread of this issue. Please be as specific as possible if you happen too know. A pinpoint on a Google map would be really great and appreciated, if possible.

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