Watch: Anna Netrebko puts on a birthday song and dance

Watch: Anna Netrebko puts on a birthday song and dance


norman lebrecht

September 18, 2017

The diva is 46 today.

Всем хорошего настроения 🍾🍾🍾🎼👯have a great and happy day 😍🎉

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Many happy returns.


  • Alexander says:

    she is a good girl

  • Zeitgeist says:

    Ugh. White people!

  • martain smith says:

    ..if they were even all in step – oh well, corresponds with her vocal precision!

  • martain smith says:

    ..if they were even all in rhythm – oh well, corresponds with her vocal precision!

  • David Nice says:

    So you were happy to slam Gergiev – rightly – for his Putinism, but not this wildly overrated singer? Shame about that.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      She performs for Putin. She is not part of the regime, as Gergiev is. Curb your indignation

    • Anon says:

      I think the problems that come out of a country that has elected a sub-human like Trump as their President are much bigger than anything that Putin can ever cook on his comparatively little stove.
      You should shift focus. I know, that brain, burnt in over decades to hate the pad, pad, pad, evil Russkies.

      • Zeitgeist says:

        Check yourself Russkie. Shall we compare Human rights, minority rights, civil rights? The US may have its electoral issues but please name a mainstream Russian media outlet that’s permitted to outright criticize the Putin and his cronies. Because the last time I checked, Trump maybe be president but he didn’t win the popular vote, nor has he got any support from the general population and doesn’t suppress the voices which oppose him with mafia-style violence and brut force. Unlike Putin.

        • Stephen says:

          This is nothing to do with music but it should be remembered that Putin saved Russia from chaos when the Soviet Union collapsed, that materially the vast majority of the population are much better off now and that Putin is a rational and sensible man who should be treated as a precious ally – and that includes by Brexit Britian which can only impose silly sanctions when its own democracy is under threat. The real enemy is the hothead Trump.

          • Zeitgeist says:

            AGain. You seem to believe Brexit is a crisis in democracy. But, even though I personally disagree with the result, I’d say it’s actually a comforting affirmation of democracy. We see our government and population trying to grapple with the difficulties of staying relevant in a globalised market/culture, and Brexit is the result of that struggle. The people voted and it wasn’t the vote that the majority of politicians and world leaders wanted. It might have been partially skewed by outside influences, but the public still decided, and they can change their minds as well. This is democracy. We’ve had the peaceful transition between opposing ideologies for centuries both in the US and the UK. Brexit and trump are just another phase of this.
            You said Putin saved Russia in the 90’s, but he’s still in power over 20 years later. This isn’t representative of the people’s free will. I would also argue that the price of oil and gas is somewhat of a contributing factor to the improvment in the Russian economy, not really Putin. Go to Siberia and the Caucus region and you’ll see how dispondent the public is with government. Putin’s longevity isn’t an example of successful leadership but is more like a show of how broken government can be.

          • Stephen says:

            The price of oil and gas has fallen considerably in recent years. As to Brexit and democracy, the referendum was a fraud based on lies and omissions since voters were never told how complicated and risky leaving the EU would be.