Musician stole instruments from the Marines

Musician stole instruments from the Marines


norman lebrecht

September 07, 2017

Adrian Higginson, a cellist and euphonium player, was jailed today for six months for stealing instruments from the Royal Marines band store rooms in Plymouth and Portsmouth.

Higginson, 29, admitted stealing 13 instruments and an amplifier to pay off debts.




  • For sure, this young man did something terribly wrong, not only to his employer, but also to himself. But now he have to pay a huge price to his mistake.

    I also notice that even terrorists often didn’t get their full name disclosed in the media coverage, due to whatever reasons. Does this young man really deserve such a merciless total exposure? I think we all hope he could get a normal life after his jail time, right?

    • Robert Holmén says:

      “Huge price”? Six months for 14 thefts… that’s less than two weeks per horn. I am surprised at small penalty.

      No we don’t need safe spaces for thieves, as Analeck is arguing for.

      And name me three cases where a terrorist has been tried and convicted, as this instrument purloiner has, and his name was not disclosed.

    • For example, Ayoub B. and Ebrahim B from Wolfsburg. Both were IS fighters.

      Talking about theft. Uli Hoeness committed tax fraud of €18.5 million. Sentenced to jail in 2014. Released in 2016. Now he is president of FC Bayern again.

      I’m by no means defending this young man. But the penalty is definitely not fair when you compare him to other BIG players.

      • Max Grimm says:

        Different countries have different laws. Germany’s laws contain considerably stricter limitations curtailing the medias ability to publicise or disclose individuals’ personal information, to include a person’s full name (be they innocent or guilty) than the UK or the USA for example.