Label news: Decca signs up the rest of Wales

The label already has Sir Bryn Terfel, Aled Jones, Michael Ball and Katherine Jenkins.

Today it signed the phenomenally popular Adiemus composer Sir Karl Jenkins (no relation).

Anyone left in the valleys?

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    • Unfortunately many of those seduced by similar dreck (like Einaudi) but not as many as it would seem, or his previous company would not have passed on an apparently uneconomic proposal for a contract extension.

  • Cliche alert!

    Aled Jones and Bryn Terfel are from north west Wales – the mountains of Snowdonia. Not everyone who lives in Wales is from the south eastern valleys.

  • Well, at least they didn’t sign Philip Glass, but it is the same sort of piffle the unwashed masses wrongly consider to be serious music. No one will be listening to this tripe 10 years from now.

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