Tallie quits New York for the wilds

The Akron Symphony in darkest Ohio has plucked a concertmaster from the New York freelance scene.

Tallie Brunfelt was, until recently, leading a national tour of Fiddler on the Roof.

In Akron, she replaces Alan Bodman, who steps down after 22 years. And she starts next week.

UPDATE: Message from Tallie:

I have no plans to leave New York City and will continue to be based there, commuting to Akron for performances throughout the season.

I look forward to engaging with a thriving and enthusiastic community in Akron, which I enjoyed getting to know during my visits last season. Neither the loss of three minutes of daylight nor the additional 18” of snow per year (as compared to New York City) will “darken” my appreciation for the city of Akron or the state of Ohio, especially as a born and raised Minnesotan.

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  • Darkest Ohio? What’s that supposed to Mean? Ohio has more high quality orchestras than any American state and Akron’s is excellent. Close to Cleveland, so it has to be. Long, dark winters for sure…just like NYC and London.

    • I agree with CUBS FAN!! Your title of the article “Tallie Leaving for the “WILDS” of Ohio” is insulting to the people of Ohio, the Cleveland Orchestra, and all the many other wonderful arts organizations in the state. Also, Ohio is no “darker” than any other state!!

  • And let us not forget “some” of the other orchestras in Ohio like
    Cincinnati,Columbus,Dayton,Toledo and many more of a very high standard!
    And if in doubt, look up some of the music schools and arts related organizations in the same state.
    Ohio has always truly and greatly contributed to the advancement of the arts in the
    United States and I believe will continue to do so for generations to come!!

  • 1. Chances are the position gurantees at some future time a teaching position at U of Akron.
    2. What’s the point of the photo? That’s certainly not Ohio. It looks like Utah. What, no photo of her face exists, really?
    3. Time to haul out that timeless classic promoting NE Ohio:

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