The 10 best press offices in the music world, 2017

There have been some drop-offs from the 2014 list – and some important add-ons.

Here’s our selection of the nicest, kindest, smartest, quickest press offices of 2017.

1 La Scala, Milan

All warm and cuddly since Chailly became music director


2 Chicago Symphony

A sleek, swift Muti machine

3 Salzburg Festival

The coffee’s on the counter before you’ve opened your mouth.

4 Berlin Philharmonic

Efficient as you’d expect, now with added Kirill smiles

5 Vienna State Opera

Fast, frank and fantastically professional

6 Boston Symphony

Busily proactive, literate and unfusty

7 Bavarian State Opera

Anything Vienna can do, we can…

8 Los Angeles Philharmonic

Still on the ball but less to do now Borda’s gone and Gustavo’s protecting his Caracas.

9 Garsington Festival

Model press operation, alert and good at follow-through

10 Dallas Opera

Feisty, fast and fearless

And the worst? Click here.

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