The best press offices in the music world

You’ve read the worst. These are the best, on current form in our opinion, in descending order (marks from 0-10).

10 Glyndebourne …. 7.1

Remarkably helpful for so snooty a fest.

9 Orchestre de Paris

Fastest in France (that’s not saying much, but still…)

8 London’s Barbican Centre …. 7.2

Streets ahead of the South Bank

7 Royal Opera House, Covent Garden …. 7.8

Depends who picks up the phone, but they’re usually good.


covent garden

6 Chicago Symphony Orchestra …. 7.9

Smart, literate, non-verbose.

5 La Scala, Milan … 8.1

Until a month ago, Bayreuth’s close rival for worst opera press office on earth. Now under new management. Very sharp.

4 Cleveland Orchestra …. 8.2

Under change of guard… but still very much on the ball

3  Bavarian State Opera … 8.3

Alert, outgoing, initiating. A living reproach to Bayreuth.

2 Salzburg Festival …. 8.5

Prompt, polite, polyglot. Good coffee.

1 Los Angeles Philharmonic … 9

Run by ex-record-biz wiz, a really sharp and happy bunch of Dudies. The rest should emulate.

sophie jefferies

The A-team



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    • Whoever kissed Norman’s butt the most got the best and those that didn’t succumb got worst. Pretty obvious to me.

    • Cheap – and in my view grossly inaccurate too. I find the Box Office there, the friendliest, least snooty, most personal and most helpful of any Box Office I deal with. And I find the lazy cliche about uninterested bankers equally untrue and tiresome.

  • Admittedly outsourced to a private PR but don’t forget the Academmia di Santa Cecilia, totally transformed since Pappano.

  • “And how exactly did this poll generate its figures?” – chill out…!! It’s an opinion poll, therefore this is all surely that; opinion. People get so het up!

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