Jonas Kaufmann takes his kids to Australia

Jonas Kaufmann takes his kids to Australia


norman lebrecht

August 04, 2017

He pulled out of the Met’s Tosca because it meant spending too long away from his family.

Australia, however, is no problem. He has taken the kids along for a run of three Parsifals.

Plenty of beaches and diversions while Dad’s doing his singing.

‘I will continue to travel, ­because I know I cannot continue this career from home,’ he said in Sydney. ‘There is no beaming, no virtual reality that can let me ­appear on stage magically from my living room. As long as this hasn’t been invented, I will have to travel, and I will.’

Kaufmann separated from the children’s mother three years ago.


  • Stuart says:

    Perhaps some research is needed about school holidays before jumping to conclusions – Schools in Bavaria do not break up until the 22nd December, this year – so for Tosca, Kaufmann would hardly see his kids, even if they were in NY as he would be rehearsing and performing with very little time for them so it is logical that he would prefer to spend the time in Munich rather than in New York.

    However for August – Bavarian schools are on Holiday until 10 September so if they go to Australia Kaufmann will be probably be able to spend more time with them and as it is out of term of term time no school time is lost and they will have great time in OZ. .

  • Sue says:

    Kaufmann won’t be going to the beach as it’s quite cold here in Sydney at the moment and bloody cold in Melbourne. You can swim in the tropical waters of North Queensland if you like sharks and dangerous sea creatures which can kill you in 30 seconds. Better stick to the hotel swimming pool!!

  • RW2103 says:

    I believe that the flights for JK and entourage were subsidised by an Australian admirer.

    • Liloloperaluv says:

      Not surprising, similar private support got the book about him translated into Hungarian and Japanese. Kaufmann + 3 kids + Freundin: all first class could be $50,000+. OTOH, did you see the ticket prices? $395 (AU) down to $99 for standing room! Matinee is almost sold out and the other two are close to it. He is the only big name (expensive) star so …

  • Raymond says:

    And he’s still scheduled for Act Ii if Tristan with the Boston Symphony, April 5 and 7 in Boston, April 12 in NYC. Perhaps a ten-day trip. Bring the kids?

  • Daphne Badger says:

    Oh come on. The Met is nothing special, as everyone knows. They don’t even pay reasonable fees in comparison to the properly artistic houses – Munich, etc. Give a tenor a break…

  • Colin says:

    Trust me, if you are not an acclimatised Australian you don’t feel the cold on your visit to Sydney. It seems like paradise.

  • Ralf says:

    Maybe no one wants to sing at the met anymore…. A barn with mics.

  • Liloloperaluv says:

    Kaufmann is in a position now to arrange things to fit his schedule and kids vacation times. For years he was able to travel much of the time because the kids were in their mother’s care, especially those crucial first 5 years. They are all older now and his presence (or absence) has less impact. I’m sure they all enjoy the foreign travel (Japan & South America previously). Wonder if they will go with him to China in November?
    As for him singing at the Met – that was all over when he cancelled Manon Lescaut. We may never know all the reasons but actions speak louder than
    “statements to the press” on either side. I am hopeful for the April Tristan concert, bought tickets.

  • traitan says:

    OMG guys – the music plays in good old Europe!!! Why singing at the horrible MET when you can sing p.e. with Petrenko in Munich or London with Pappano!!!
    We all know the MET is an ugly monster but we love NY