If someone says ‘you must have practised a lot’, it means you played badly

From a vivacious 90th birthday interview with the irrepressible interview with Ivry Gitlis, who turns 95 today.

Ivry on the music business: ‘You have people with business sense, who treat their artists like potatoes. It’s terrible, and people go along with it. But I see a new generation of younger people who are beginning to play for themselves. That gives me hope.’

Read Ariane’s full interview here.


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  • Reminds me of that wonderful scene in Lubitsch’s ‘Ninotchka’ (1939) and the Russian envoy Ninotchka arrives from Moscow at the hotel in Paris to find 3 attractive cigarette girls waiting hand and foot (with giggling) on the 3 Russian envoys….”gentlemen, you must have been smoking a lot”!!!

  • Loved this “conflict in itself is a great thing if you live it and feel it, and see the contrasts.”

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