Flute route: Demarre McGill rejoins Seattle

Flute route: Demarre McGill rejoins Seattle


norman lebrecht

August 25, 2017

The celebrated principal flute left Dallas Symphony last year to play in the Metropolitan Opera orchestra, which had suffered the departure of both of its principal flutes. This summer, Demarre failed to get selected for either vacancy.

There was no going back to Dallas for Demarre.



But his previous orchestra, Seattle, wanted him back.

Today, Demarre McGill resumes work as Seattle’s principal flute.

Also joining Seattle are John DiCesare from the Louisville Orchestra as Principal Tuba; Emil Khudyev as Associate Principal Clarinet; Andy Liang, Second Violins; Danielle Kuhlmann, Fourth Horn; Christopher Stingle, Second Trumpet; and Michael Myers, Fourth/Utility Trumpet.




  • herrera says:

    It’s a cut throat world out there in classical music land.

    Let your dreams die a quiet death: hang on to your tenure and retire with pension.

  • Doug King says:

    Christopher Stingle, the new trumpeter mentioned above, is a wonderful musician. I was fortunate to have heard him years ago at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Congratulations, Chris!

  • Robert Holmén says:

    Why was there “no going back to Dallas”?

  • Betty Douglas says:

    Mr McGill is also teaching at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music this year.

  • David Sherr says:

    The Seattle Symphony disaffiliated from the American Federation of Musicians and now does film scores on a buy-out basis. No residuals, such as AFM members get. No doubling, etc. That is a stab in the back of all the people who put their careers on the line so musicians could earn a decent living.