Watch: They are still making violins in Cremona

Watch: They are still making violins in Cremona


norman lebrecht

July 29, 2017

A CNN report on the never-ending mystery.



  • Bernstein says:

    About fifteen years ago, I went to Cremona and visited a violin-maker’s studio. I remember the experience very clearly. It was fascinating. This very short video touches very briefly, too briefly in fact, on things I saw on my visit. However, the video is a travesty as far as conveying any information is concerned. The repeated and rapid cutting from scene to scene, something that seems to have emerged in recent years from film-schools, is unnecessary and prevents understanding of what the video is trying to show. Film-makers need to appreciate the purpose of the communication medium in their hands and learn to use it to better effect. As it is, it prevents understanding of the violin-maker’s exquisite craftsmanship rather than enhancing it.